Barry is a public speaker, a successful entrepreneur in the business sector, as well as an accomplished author. 



Barry speaks on customer success, customer experience strategy, value negotiations and entrepreneurial leadership at a variety of conferences, seminars, and corporate events. In addition, he has addressed numerous groups and organizations on the foundations of the American Dream and economic freedom. 


The entrepreneurial pursuits of Barry's life are rooted in the early days of freedom to dream and achieve those dreams. This is apparent in his numerous endeavors as an entrepreneur


Barry’s guiding business philosophy is to take exceptional care of the customer and celebrate the success of his employees.  These principles are articulated in his latest book, The Magic Wand: Creating Exceptional Customer Experience: A Leadership Fable – and originally in his 1998 book Customer Success, both are available on


"...Bright, energetic and articulate, Barry has deep passion for his subject matter that invariably rubs off on his audience. He has the particular talent of making every program an event not to be missed....


Business Leader

Barry's business leadership in Colorado spans over two decades. Barry has maintained positions as the chief executive for a variety of businesses and non-profits. From technology companies with  330 employees in over 20 states, to his role as the Chair of an engineering ministry which serves the poorest of the poor, to building five successful enterprises, Barry knows how to create value. 

Barry's leadership style is inspirational and focused on others.  These principles are outlined in his latest book, The Magic Wand, Creating Exceptional Customer Experience: A Leadership Fable – and originally in his 1998 book Customer Success.

Barry's primary tools for effective servant leadership start with the proposition that it is possible to add value for all parties. He genuinely desires to encourage others to pursue their dream. This is expressed in his passionate talks on the foundations of the American Dream and Economic Freedom. 

Barry’s Business Endeavors

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics, and a couple years at IBM as a top performer, Barry obtained his MBA in Finance and Logistics from The Ohio State University, where he was named Weidler Scholar and Logistics Scholar.  His first job after grad school was as the Financial Controller for the Ford Taurus and the Lincoln Continental Car Programs for Ford Motor Company. 

Barry's Early Life in Business

Some people are born entrepreneurs. Originally from Pasadena, California, Barry primarily grew up in Oklahoma where in the Summers of 4th through 6th grade he bailed hay and drove a tractor on his Uncle’s ranch.  As a 5th grader back home in Tulsa he sold flashlights door to door.  From 6th grade through junior high he had two paper routes and mowed lawns – learning that a fixed fee was much more profitable than working by the hour.  

An Influential Author

In Barry's book, The Magic Wand, the protagonist, Brad Anderson, used to have the Midas touch. Those days are long gone when he discovers that he has one week to save his job and pull the company’s largest client out of a tailspin. With the help of a mysterious new mentor, Brad is taken on a whirlwind journey and absorbs the five Secrets to Exceptional Customer Experience. And he learns how to use the Magic Wand Question. With the Secrets in hand, he must find a way to fix a client relationship from imploding in on itself.

If you’re struggling to figure out why your business/job/life is stuck in a rut, read this book! It’s a quick read with fantastic ideas on how to provide exceptional customer service. Farah’s 5 secret questions will unlock your success! It did for me!
— By S.L. (Amazon Review)

Barry guides his business ventures around the vision articulated in his book Customer Success (Baron Books, 1998). The book distinguishes between the reactionary tendencies of customer service and the proactive superiority of customer success.

Is there a “six-star” category? To compare Farah’s theories and apparent practice to the “customer service” I typically receive seems unfair to Mr. Farah and this landmark work. I am glad that Farah renamed the concept and hope that this term will catch on. This primer on serving customers with a constant eye toward helping them succeed is critical to anyone operating a business that has customers! After reading this book, I recently threw out most of my business books full of well-worn sermons on reacting to customers’ needs. I have tried many of Farah’s strategies, and found that they work! I heartily endorse this book for anyone in any business of any type.
— (Amazon Review)