About Barry Farah

Barry believes a free and prosperous society is rooted in three key principles that he expresses as Celebrating Economic Freedom, Dignifying Personal Responsibility and Championing Limited Government.  As you will see in his journey below, his life experience has been built on these principles.

Celebrating Economic Freedom


After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics, and a couple years at IBM as a top performer, Barry obtained his MBA in Finance and Logistics from The Ohio State University.  He was named Weidler Scholar and Logistics Scholar.  His first job after graduate school was Financial Controller for the Ford Taurus and the Lincoln Continental Car programs. 

A few years later, Barry left the promising corporate world and founded a suite of business-to-business service companies. These served clients in 43 states and he was CEO for over 20 years before selling the company.  Concurrently, he founded a software engineering firm, serving as majority owner, and Chairman of Master Solutions (MSL) for 12 years before selling to the Contractor that manages the NASA Hubble Telescope.

Among others, Barry’s commercial developments include the Hyatt House of Minot a 130-room hotel, Bakken Residence Suites, a sprawling 75-acre extended stay property, The Highlands at North Hill, a 25-acre housing development and The Office Club, a 30,000 square foot, Class-A office building.

Barry was founder and CEO of Precocity, a leading edge technology firm, prior to spinning off his stake to his capital partner in late 2018. Barry continues as CEO of GTT, a fast growing IT staffing firm serving world renown Fortune 500 clients.

Barry celebrates economic freedom in his business endeavors through principles that are articulated in his books: The Magic Wand, Creating Exceptional Customer Experience: A Leadership Fable, and Customer Success: Beyond Customer Service. Both are available on Amazon.com.  His latest book will be released in the Fall of 2018.  Barry believes in proactively taking exceptional care of his customers and developing his employees for extraordinary achievement.

Barry speaks on customer success, customer experience and selling with integrity because he believes business can serve a transcendent purpose. He has also authored op-eds and spoken to groups on the foundations of the American Dream, Freedom Economics and the American Idea. 

Dignifying Personal Responsibility

Barry’s passion for dignifying personal responsibility is revealed in expanding opportunity for others, from serving kids and parents through educational choice to helping those most in need in Colorado and around the world.  

Barry served as a Founding Board Member of The Classical Academy Charter School, the largest brick and mortar charter school in Colorado.  TCA maintains a waiting list of over 3,000, because it focuses on serving kids with an exceptional learning experience and promulgates the joy of learning.  He also served as the Chairman for five years of the welfare-to-work organization, Faith Partners, working in collaboration with the El Paso County Department of Human Services.  Faith Partners did more than help people find a job; a mentoring program, it helped people develop good habits and discover a personal belief in their own worth.

For over ten years Barry served as Chairman of Engineering Ministries International during which time its worldwide reach doubled and its donated engineering services to the poorest countries in the world grew three-fold. In addition, he served as a Board of Trustees member of the largest church in Colorado and volunteered as a senior church leader for seven years.

These non-profit endeavors are sourced in Barry’s deeply held belief that the most generous thing you can do for someone else is help them find the joy of governing themselves and becoming financially free.

Championing limited Government

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, Barry experienced first-hand the benefits and liberty from relatively fewer government regulations.  Originally from Pasadena, California, Barry primarily grew up in Oklahoma where in the summers of 4th through 6th grade he bailed hay and drove a tractor on his Uncle’s ranch. 

A born entrepreneur, as a 5th grader Barry sold flashlights door-to-door.  From 6th grade through junior high he mowed lawns, learning that a fixed fee was much more profitable than working by the hour and sold Electrolux vacuum cleaners door-to-door.

In high school Barry became a certified manufacturer’s representative and sold water treatment equipment and vinyl siding door-to-door and steel buildings to ranchers.  He obtained his private pilot license the same day he got his driver’s license and would feed his love of flying with his commissions.  These sales kept him busy during his high school years, in addition to his studies and playing every minute of every game for his State champion soccer team.   

In the summer, Barry built his landscaping company to 14 employees.  He personally performed the most dangerous and most profitable tree trimming services. Between high school and college, Barry built a log cabin.  Barry designed the cabin while in math class in the 11th grade. He convinced his friend to join him on the Colorado adventure and built the log cabin with gravity flow, hot and cold running water and a real toilet with a hand dug septic, in the wilderness west of Creede, Colorado.

During college Barry maintained his landscaping company and cut a deal to deliver empty pallets and bagged minerals from Oklahoma City to Salida, Utah in a semi-truck that he and his partner rented and drove back and forth for several profitable runs. Aware that he wouldn’t be able to convince any semi-truck rental company to take a risk on a 19-year old today, he is an ardent defender of government returning to a humbler view of itself.  And, hoping to bring this view to elected office, Barry made a run for Governor of Colorado

Barry and his wife Tamra married in 1983 and have lived in Colorado since 1994.  They have two adult children.