Barry's Early Life

Some people are born entrepreneurs. Originally from Pasadena, California, Barry primarily grew up in Oklahoma where in the Summers of 4th through 6th grade he bailed hay and drove a tractor on his Uncle’s ranch.  As a 5th grader back home in Tulsa he sold flashlights door to door.  From 6th grade through junior high he had two paper routes and mowed lawns – learning that a fixed fee was much more profitable than working by the hour.  

In high school Barry became a certified manufacturer’s representative and sold water treatment equipment, expensive vacuum cleaners, vinyl siding and steel buildings door-to-door.  Soon after, armed with a driver’s license, he sold those wares all over northeastern Oklahoma.  That kept him busy during the school year in addition to his studies and playing every minute of every game for his State champion soccer team.   

In the summer, Barry was dedicated to building his landscaping company, which by the time he graduated from High School included 14 employees.  The most dangerous tree trimming services, only he would do – but, it paid well and kept him close to the customer, which he loved. Between high school and college, Barry and his buddy designed and built a log cabin with gravity flow hot and cold running water and a real toilet with a hand dug septic, in the wilderness west of Creede, Colorado.During college Barry maintained his landscaping company and cut a deal to deliver empty pallets and bagged minerals from Oklahoma City to Salida, Utah in a semi-truck that he and his partner drove back and forth for several profitable runs.