Says Colorado Can’t Afford Not to Sharpen Competitive Edge

DENVER – Concerned that ideological excesses might be dulling Colorado’s competitive edge and reducing its appeal to job-creators, the state’s largest free market group today launched a major educational initiative aimed at ensuring that economic issues remain front and center in the policy arena.

The effort includes a statewide speaking tour by Colorado Springs businessman Barry Farah, which kicks-off in Fort Collins Thursday, and the creation of an interactive website and blog,, which will be used as a communications tool, forum, and online information hub concerning competitiveness-related issues.

The new website can be seen by following this link.

Initially, the effort will be focused on four areas the group considers key to keeping Colorado competitive: energy; education reform; state pension reform and taxing; spending and regulating. The group believes Colorado’s economic potential can’t be fulfilled and will continue to lag behind regional and national rivals, unless it gets these four things right.

Most neighboring states and national rivals are pulling ahead of Colorado according to many key economic and fiscal indicators,” said AFP Foundation-Colorado State Director Dustin Zvonek. “It’s no longer possible or acceptable to take our natural advantages for granted, given the intensified competition between states. We’ll fall behind, and lasting economic vitality will escape us, unless optimizing Colorado’s business climate is made a consistent, conscious, bipartisan priority. It’s our hope that this initiative will raise public awareness on just how important this is.”

Zvonek wants the effort to educate Coloradans on the importance of keeping Colorado competitive to garner bipartisan support, because all sides understand that Colorado’s horizons will narrow without a dynamic, diverse, growing economy.

Keeping Colorado competitive isn’t a partisan issue, it’s important that all Coloradan’s fully understand the impact that policy decision can have on the long term prosperity of our state.”

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