High-tech business club

A local entrepreneur is using technology to make tedious tasks virtually nonexistent for the average business owner.

The Office Club, a 29,000 square-foot building in the Briargate Business Park, is home to one of the fastest Internet services, a printing center, a travel agency and a fitness center, which are all designed to complement a busy business person’s schedule.

Barry Farah, the visionary for the building, said it was about time for a facility to cater completely to the needs of the average business. The building is located at 1880 Office Club Pointe, behind the Hilton Garden Inn off of Briargate Boulevard.

“It’s sort of an extension of a way to enable business owners to be set free from the really mundane tasks,” Farah said. “I wanted to create an environment where the building itself would become a tool.”

Farah said that having many complementary businesses and services in the building will only make operations in the business industry more efficient.

The building is connected by a zero-tolerance fiber-optic network, which Farah said is the fastest and best telecommunications system on the planet. Tami Litherland, the Office Club’s building manager, said that kind of fiber-optic system is wireless, and can download about 6.2 gigabytes per second. Litherland said that at that speed, the entire Library of Congress could be downloaded in 20 seconds. Every office is equipped with the ISP line and about 20 of the 90 offices are already filled. The average rent for an office is about $1,200.

Farah said General Dynamics has already moved in, as well as smaller high-tech companies and businesses selling mutual funds.

The technology that’s available makes it easy for anyone who rents an office to host videoconferencing in one of the many meeting rooms in the building.

Also, the Web site http://www.TheOfficeClub.com offers a chance to log onto the system’s server. Farah said that means a businessperson can tap into his or her desktop from any computer in the world. There are five employees in the building’s printing office who can put together reports and other projects.

In the future, Farah said, he hopes to build more Office Clubs, and have the company go public within the next several years. Farah also said incorporating a hotel with the same sort of accommodations for business travelers would also be a good future plan.