Barry Farah delivers exceptional Return on Investment by creating a missional culture that increases employee confidence through a proactive and energetic Customer Success mindset. 



Barry’s guiding business philosophy is to take exceptional care of the customer and celebrate the success of his employees.  These principles are articulated in his latest book, Go Ahead!: Unleash a Contagious Customer Success Culture – in addition to his previous book The Magic Wand and originally in his 1998 book Customer Success, all three are available on


Barry started, acquired, built and exited eleven companies with aggregated revenues over $1b. His businesses have counted among their customers Goldman Sachs, American Airlines, MIT, TD Bank, Boeing, GEICO, Neiman Marcus and the United States Air Force. Most recently, he was CEO of Precocity, LLC & GTT, LLC, which delivers data & analytics consulting and IT talent solutions to corporations. Barry has served on numerous boards and is an active member and NACD Fellow®.


As a Cultural Architect, Barry speaks on Customer Success, Talent Arbitrage, Value Negotiations and entrepreneurial leadership at a variety of conferences, seminars, and corporate events. In addition, he has addressed numerous groups and organizations on the foundations of the American Dream and economic freedom.