Barry is an accomplished author, a successful entrepreneur and an engaging public speaker.



Barry’s guiding business philosophy is to take exceptional care of the customer and celebrate the success of his employees.  These principles are articulated in his latest book, Go Ahead!: Unleash a Contagious Customer Success Culture – in addition to his previous book The Magic Wand and originally in his 1998 book Customer Success, all three are available on


The entrepreneurial pursuits of Barry's life are rooted in the early days of freedom to dream and achieve those dreams. This is apparent in his numerous endeavors as an entrepreneur.


Barry speaks on customer success, customer experience strategy, value negotiations and entrepreneurial leadership at a variety of conferences, seminars, and corporate events. In addition, he has addressed numerous groups and organizations on the foundations of the American Dream and economic freedom. 


"...Bright, energetic and articulate, Barry has deep passion for his subject matter that invariably rubs off on his audience. He has the particular talent of making every program an event not to be missed....